Hi again. Peter here.

My life revolves around the internet. And I design things for it.

Right now, I'm based in London. When I'm not there, you'd most likely find me either on trams in Amsterdam, on the U-bahn in Berlin, driving across Morocco, stuck in Lagos traffic, or planning new trips on Notion (Where I mostly plan my life).

I'm at my best when solving unstructured problems by creating systems that solve them at scale. I've spent the last 8 years doing this within large design teams embedded in organizations, as part of smaller teams, or as a solo designer at startups.

At the moment, I'm a senior product designer at Stripe where I focus primarily on Tax.

I'm deeply fascinated by money and financial systems - Its fictional nature, how it moves, how it's made, how it grows, how it's invested, and how it's created. Because of this,  I've spent the last 5 years designing financial software. 

— What I’m really good at?
Interface design
Experience design
User research
Product strategy
Finding the best memes (I consider this a life skill)

— What am I currently reading?
Finite and Infinite games - James P. Carse

— What I like
Adventures where design doesn't have to actively spend its energy fighting for a seat at the table. With freedom, responsibility, and permission to define, create and iterate on design processes, optimizing for craft, quality, collaboration, and human values.

— Outside of work?
I wear multiple hats and have a lot of hobbies - Sometimes an engineer, other times a PM for side projects, and increasingly a mixologist, painter, photographer, and filmmaker.

Travel, Photography & Filmmaking

I currently own a Fujifilm X100V  I take along with me when I travel. You'll typically find some of those photos I take on sesan.photos

This site.

It will always evolve. The idea is to create a little corner on the internet for my work, thoughts, life and interests.

Last updated: 13 June, 2024